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The Innovative Advantage

Innovative Hydro Controls (IHC) provides cost-effective innovative solutions to distributed power applications.
IHC helps assure their customers and the utilities of a smooth commissioning and grid connection.
Our services include:-
  • Primary and detailed electrical design including cost estimation
  • Imbalance studies, grounding analysis and design
  • Securing of ESA and utility approvals; equipment procurement
  • Protection design, fault studies co-ordination analysis and arc-flash assessment
  • Relay selection, programming, signal injection testing and commissioning
  • Transfer-trip system design and commissioning
  • Protection Cabinet building and testing
  • Metering Reports and Site-Specific Loss Adjustment calculations
  • SCADA design and implementation
  • Event and performance analysis
  • Independent Engineer certification
  • Control Systems Integration
  • AVR and governor commissioning
  • Post connection diagnostics and support
The overall advantage of all this combines to provide a high level of customer support at a reduced cost.
Innovative Hydro Controls has the knowledge and experience to help you get, and stay connected.
IHC will help from the earliest steps to the commissioning of the work, and beyond.
Another one of the IHC advantages is having their technical work completed at it’s Ottawa headquarters.


Small Hydro Generator Control System

IHC’s flagship product is the Small Hydro Generator Control System (SHGCS). The SHGCS is designed for any small hydro generation facility and is fully configurable to accommodate a wide variety of generation options, covering induction or synchronous; single or double regulated; proportional or on/off hydraulic control valves. The SHGCS make extensive use of Modbus over Ethernet communications to provide coordinated control and enabling remote access for unmanned sites. Standard or custom installations available.
Key benefits:
  • Induction or Synchronous Generators
  • Single and Double Regulated turbines
  • Power/Speed Regulation
  • Head and Gate Regulation
  • Utility Grade Generation Protection Relay
  • Cost Effective
  • Off the shelf CSA approved PLC and components
  • Embedded Dynamic Plant Simulator, with access from HMI
  • Engineering access to fast logged data
  • Industrial PC based HMI
Downloads SHGCS brochure in PDF format. – SHGCS Brochure Oct16



Biogas Generation Control Systems

Since it’s conception, IHC has been working with Biogas Generation Control Systems. Our work with biogas facilities spans from Nova Scotia to southern Ontario. With our control system designs, IHC provides cost-effective innovative solutions to biogas applications. The engineering, software design, programming, cabinet manufacturing, and product testing is all completed at our Ottawa Ontario location. This is the way IHC can help assure customers and utilities a smooth grid connection and commissioning.

As a specialist the experts call on, Innovation Hydro Controls can help support YOUR power generation needs.


Innovative Hydro Controls’s sister company ANF Energy Solutions has the same expert team lots have come to know. For more information on ANF visit:

Recent Projects include (showing year of commissioning):


  • Koskamp Family Farms 100kW biogas (2018)
  • Boyle Farm & Forestry 500kW biogas (2018)
  • Courthouse Hill Farms 500kW biogas (2018)
  • ZooShare 500kW biogas (2018)
  • Stanton North 250kW biogas (2018)
  • Bretzler 150kW Solar (2018)
  • Stanton Ilderton 250kW biogas (2018)
  • Enerdu 1MW hydro (2018)
  • LDML 72kW Microgrid (2017)
  • Moorefield 500kW wind (2017)
  • Great Lakes Greenhouses 4MW Microgrid (2016)
  • Scheel 500kW solar (2016)
  • O’Neil 250kW biogas (2016)
  • Miig1 386kW solar (2016)
  • Miig2 477kW solar (2016)
  • Peterborough WWTP 430kW biogas (2016)
  • Koskamp Family Farms 500kW biogas (2016)
  • Algonquin College, 2MW cogen (2016)
  • 3M Perth, 1.2MW cogen (2016)
  • Romiluxe, 2x250kW solar (2016)
  • 3M Brockville, 2MW cogen (2016)
  • Nine Mile Farms, 135kW biogas (2015)
  • Canadian Nuclear Labs, 1MW standby (2015)
  • Goshen, 500kW solar (2015)
  • Marl Creek 3, 250kW biogas (2015)
  • Eilers Farms, 500kW biogas (2015)
  • Ridgeline Farms 250kW biogas (2015)
  • Belfast Road, 250kW solar (2015)
  • Duke of Devonshire 100kW solar (2014)
  • Waterloo Reservoir 190kW solar (2014)
  • Arnprior Airport 100kW solar (2014)
  • LaForge BioEnvironmental 2 1MW biogas (2014)
  • Bonnechere Manor 190kW solar (2014)
  • Senn Farm 250kW biogas (2014)
  • Samuel-Genest School 74kW solar (2014)
  • Mostert Farm 500kW biogas (2014)
  • Schouten Corner View 498kW biogas (2013)
  • Avonmore 5 & 7: 2 x 250kW solar (2013)
  • Clearydale Farms 498kW biogas (2013)
  • Vances Dunrobin 250kW solar (2013)
  • Reichart Usborne 98kW solar (2012)
  • Jockvalley Farm 498kW biogas (2012)
  • Marl Creek 1 & 2: 2x250kW biogas (2012)
  • Prestige Furniture 250kW solar (2012)
  • Carleton Corner Farms 498kW biogas (2012)
  • Koch Farms 50kW solar (2012)
  • Steele Acres Farm 50kW solar (2012)
  • Overdale Solar 33kW solar (2012)
  • Kirchmeier Farm 499kW biogas (2012)
  • CCS Millbrook 100kW biogas (2012)
  • Reichart Campbell 250kW solar (2012)
  • Petro Corn 499kW biogas (2012)
  • Maryland Farms 499kW biogas (2011)
  • Gardiner Farms 250kW biogas (2011)
  • Ferme Geranik 374kW biogas (2011)
  • Terryland Farms 99kW solar (2011)
  • Earl Martin Farm 137kW biogas (2011)
  • VKW 60kW solar (2011)
  • Ferme Claude Castonguay 248kW solar (2011)
  • Fepro Farms 175kW solar (2011)
  • LaForge BioEnvironmental 600kW biogas (2011)
  • Ferme Lanidrac 100kW biogas (2011)
  • Georgian Bluffs 100kW Septage Biogas (2011)
  • Douglas Falls 1.4MW hydroelectric (2010)
  • Donnandale Farm 498kW biogas (2010, 2012)
  • Waste Management 6.4MW landfill gas (2010)
  • Fepro Farms 499kW biogas (2009, 2012)
  • Pinehedge Farms 100kW biogas (2007)
  • Terryland Farms 1 & 2: 2x180kW biogas (2007, 2010)

For more information about IHC, its products and services, please contact us.