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Innovative Hydro Controls (IHC) mission is to provide control systems
integration services for distributed generation, in particular for run-of-
the-river hydro, biogas and landfill gas.

IHC was incorporated in 2014 in response to requests from two run-
of-the-river hydro facilities to upgrade their generator protection and
control equipments. Initial projects involved designing, installing and
commissioning state-of-the-art controllers for induction generator
automation, allowing de-manning of sites.

Since its incorporation, IHC’s scope has expanded to cover
synchronous generation, sluice gate control, manufacturing of
electrical control cabinets, biogas generation control, and complete
hydro site electrical design. In 2018, IHC completed electrical design
and commissioning of a new 1MW hydro generating station.

For more understanding we invite people to take a look at this PDF document.

PDF – Grid Tutorial 101



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